About us

We’re a team of passionate organizers.  We are dedicated to what we do and do our very best to make your dreams come true.


Do you dream of one day being able to meet your favorite stars from the show ?

We've got you covered !

Founders & OWNERs
wevents prod becomes : the land con

11 years after creating our first convention, our team is evolving and decided to focus on Outlander official events and period drama’s inspired events. Don’t worry, we are still the same  crazy girls who launched Vampire diaries and Shadowhunters fairs,  and made the bet of bringing Outlander cons in France.


  • We put the experience of 11 years as organizers at your service
  • We’ll make you have the time of your life by working hard and with passion
  • Our energetic staff, and a dedicated team  will make your dreams come true

We look forward to dedicate our time to this incredible fandom and universe. The Land con is our baby, and we are impatient to watch it grow with you guys. Thank you for 6 years of an amazing aventure that keeps on blooming at every con.