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Terms and conditions : THE LAND CON

Applicable version from MAY 12, 2021

Please read all the terms and conditions set out below before making any purchase for our events.

These General Conditions have been written and ratified by a lawyer according to The Land con’s own activity.

ARTICLE 1 – General provisions of the General Conditions of Sale

1.1 Scope

These General Conditions of Sale apply to the purchase of all passes, additional products (photoshoot, autograph, Private Lounge, Breakfast, Party, Tea Time, Vip moment), allowing access to private shows and events organized by THE LAND CON.

These General Conditions of Sale apply to the exclusion of all other conditions. They are supplemented by the confidentiality policy also accessible on the site https://thelandcon.com.

They will prevail, where applicable, over any other version or any other contradictory document.

Unless proven otherwise, the data recorded by THE LAND CON constitutes proof of all transactions.

1.2 Enforceability of the General Conditions of Sale

The General Conditions of Sale are made available to the Customer on the site https://thelandcon.com/ where they can be consulted directly, and they can also be communicated on simple request by telephone, email or post.

The General Conditions of Sale are enforceable against you and you acknowledge, by checking a box provided for this purpose, to have read and accepted them before placing an order.

The validation of the order by its confirmation implies acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale in force on the day of the order.

You acknowledge that you have the legal capacity required to contract and acquire the passes offered on the website https://thelandcon.com.

1.3. Modification of the General Conditions of Sale

THE LAND CON reserves the right to modify its General Conditions of Sale at any time.

In case of modification, the applicable General Conditions of Sale are those in force on the date of the order.

1.4. Partial nullity

The nullity of a contractual clause does not entail the nullity of the General Conditions of Sale, except if it is a decisive clause which led one of the parties to conclude the contract of sale.

The temporary or permanent non-application of one or more clauses by THE LAND CON cannot constitute a waiver on its part of the other clauses of the General Conditions of Sale which continue to produce their effects.

ARTICLE 2 – Products and orders

2.1. Ordering passes and additional products

The prices of the passes and additional products (photoshoot, autograph, Private Lounge, Breakfast, Tea Time, Party, Vip moment) are indicated on the website in euros, all taxes included.

The ticketing fee about 2.50% of the transaction price is in addition to the price listed on the website.

THE LAND CON reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. Passes and additional products are billed on the basis of the rates in effect at the time the order is placed.

To validate the order, you must provide your contact details (including last name, first name, valid email address) and the names of all participants.

You can access the personal data communicated on request under the terms and conditions set out in the confidentiality policy which you will find on the site https://thelandcon.com

The information requested is mandatory and is essential for the management of the contract, the customer relationship and the provision of passes.

You will be able to preview your order and choose a payment method among those offered on the Site.

An order summary will be displayed on your screen, including information relating to the chosen event, the number of passes reserved and any additional products chosen, and specifying the total price including VAT of your purchase.

You can then modify or correct your order.

To validate the order, you must accept these General Conditions of Sale by checking the box provided for this purpose.

The sale will only be considered final after payment of the full price of any passes and additional products.

2.2. Use of passes

2.2.1 Each pass is personal. On the day of the event, a valid photo ID may be requested and it must match the name on the pass.

The pass is not transferable, except with the prior agreement of THE LAND CON, nor refundable.

Any additional modification is possible subject to availability and any modification will result in the payment of a fee of € 5, in addition to the price of the order and the ticket office costs as indicated in article 2.1 above.

2.2.2. The purchase of additional products (photoshoot, autograph, Private Lounge etc.) is only available to pass holders. No refund will be possible if the buyer does not have a pass.

Once your order is complete, through the online ticketing, it is necessary to print all your purchases (pdf eticket sent in your e-mail), these etickets are absolutely necessary to enter the event and use your autographs / photoshoots / Private Lounge etc.

2.2.3. Your placement on the site depends on the date of purchase (the seat number will be communicated on the day of the event).

To be seated side by side, the purchase of the passes must be done in the same order.

2.2.4. You can collect your neck strap along with your pass and extra tickets as well as your bracelet the day before the event, subject to payment of the additional tickets at the ticket office on the day of the event, at the applicable rate.

2.3. Exchange – refund

THE LAND CON will not refund any product for any reason whatsoever, unless the event is canceled. Please note that a commission of approximately 2.5% of the price of the purchased product may be retained by the organizer if a fee is charged by the ticketing agency for making refunds.

In the event of cancellation of the event, only the price of passes and additional products that may have been ordered will be refunded.

Additional costs such as ticketing costs, travel or accommodation costs or any other costs of any kind that you may have incurred will not be reimbursed to you by THE LAND CON.

Passes are neither exchangeable nor modifiable. If you have to cancel your presence at the event, no refund will be possible.

Resale of passes is prohibited.

ARTICLE 3 – Payment terms

The price is payable in cash, in full, on the day of confirmation of your order.

As an exception to the above, depending on the pass purchased, THE LAND CON can offers you payment in 2, 3 or 5 installments, according to a schedule appearing on the invoice which is communicated to you on the day of the order, directly on the ticketing, or by ordering by mail. You will then have to make the first payment on the same day of validation of your payment schedule, and the following ones within a maximum of 30 days.

The price is payable according to the following terms :

-Payment by bank card : Payment by bank card is made via the online ticketing,  All bank details entered are encrypted and protected, and are subject to secure processing by the online ticketing. Your bank details are neither consulted nor stored by THE LAND CON

Please note that a service fee will be charged per ticket for processing fees for credit card payments and for editing the e-ticket. This is specific to the ticketing and have nothing to do witht THE LAND CON.

Payment by credit card is irrevocable, except in the event of fraudulent use of the card. In this case, the Customer may request the cancellation of the payment and the return of the corresponding sums.

– Payment by Paypal or wire transfert is available only by sending your order by mail at the exact date and hour precised by THE LAND CON. The email adress is : contact.thelandcon.com  Any email sent before the exact date and hour communicated by THE LAND CON won’t be processed, especialy during the ticketing grand opening and the sale of addiotnnal products.

In the event of late payment and payment of sums due by the Customer beyond the time limit set above, and after the payment date appearing on the schedule included in the invoice sent to the Customer, late penalties calculated at legal rate, calculated on the amount including tax of the order, will be acquired automatically and automatically from THE LAND CON, without any formality or prior notice and will result in the immediate payment of all sums due by the Customer, without prejudice any other action that THE LAND CON would be entitled to bring, as such, against the Customer.

In addition, any delay in payment automatically entails the application of a fixed compensation of forty (40) Euros, without prejudice to late penalties.

No additional costs will be charged, apart from the aforementioned online ticketing costs.

Travel and accommodation costs that you may have to incur to get to the event are your responsibility.

ARTICLE 4 – No right of withdrawal

YOU do not have the right of withdrawal, with regard to the provision of services relating to leisure activities which must be provided on a date or a period determined.

The contract is therefore definitively concluded upon placing the order in accordance with the terms specified in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

ARTICLE 5 – Course of the event

5.1. Access to the event

THE LAND CON may deny access to the event, without any refund, to anyone who does not respect the guests, THE LAND CON team, other participants or the rules.

Access to the event will not be permitted to minors under the age of 10. Minors over ten years old must be accompanied by their legal guardian or a responsible adult person who also has a pass.

Animals will not be allowed at the event.

5.2. Photoshoot / Autograph / Private room

A photoshoot ticket only allows one person to take a photo with the guest. In the event that you wish to be photographed with the guest and others, each person must have a photoshoot ticket. Please note that a photo shoot is a photo of you and the guest taken by a professional photographer.

NB: If you want to hug a guest, you must request a hugging pose. You cannot ask for a hug before or after the photo op you will only have a hug pose. You cannot request to be carried or request to transport a guest. An accident can happen quickly. It is forbidden to ask to be kissed by a guest or to attempt to kiss a guest. Selfie posing with a phone is prohibited. Our photographer can do a selfie pose with his camera.

All photo ops will be printed and available for collection by the end of the event; it’s at the end of the closing ceremony. If you don’t collect your photo, we don’t have to send it to you; if we should offer to send these photos there will be a P&P fee that must be paid.

An autograph ticket only gives you one guest signature.

NB: the objects to be signed must be official (DVD, poster, book …).

Calls for photo ops and autographs will be made based on pass type and number.

A private room is a special time spent with the guest, it lasts 30 minutes (20 people upstairs per meeting).

THE LAND CON is not responsible if customers decide not to issue autographs or take photos. No refund will be made.

A guest can only appear on one of two days during the event or part of the day.

Gifts for guests will only be given during autograph sessions.

A professional translator and moderator will be there during each question and answer session.

5.3. Photographs and Videos

Photo and video cameras and audio recorders are strictly prohibited during photo ops, autographs, breakfast, soirée, coktail, mingle with and meetings.

Take photos is allowed during conferences. Flashes are only allowed during the first 15 minutes of each conference.

ARTICLE 6 – Modification of the event

THE LAND CON can change the date and location of the event. If the event is postponed, tickets will automatically be postponed to the new date announced and no refund of additional passes and products will be made.

THE LAND CON will not reimburse other costs that may have been incurred, such as ticketing costs, travel or accommodation costs or any other costs of any nature whatsoever, in the event of postponement or change of location of the event.

THE LAND CON reserves the right to make changes to the event and the schedule, and in particular to change the hours for photo shoots, auto and private show or to change or add products if the circumstances so require.

Guests may cancel their appearance at the event for professional reasons beyond our control.

No refund for your pass will be made if this is the case. However, we will offer you either to exchange extras for a guest replacement, or a credit note (voucher) to be used in lieu of the agreement or a refund of your extras under the presentation of the unused ticket.

ARTICLE 7 – Image rights

THE LAND CON may need to take photographs or recordings during the event, on which you may be identifiable.

By attending the event, you authorize your image to appear on photos or video recordings that THE LAND CON could use for advertising or commercial purposes as part of the promotion of its activity (websites, professional pages on networks social, advertising, exhibition, but not limited to).

You declare that you are of legal age and have all the capacity and powers to grant said authorization.

The legal representatives purchasing the laissez-passer for the benefit of their minor children over sixteen years of age declare that they are of legal age and authorize the shooting of their minor child (ren), by accepting these general conditions. of sale.

ARTICLE 8 – Liability

THE LAND CON cannot be held responsible for the theft or loss of your property, or for any injury or damage suffered by a participant during the event.

THE LAND CON cannot be held responsible for any incident that occurs during the event.

THE LAND CON assumes no responsibility for comments or actions taken by guests or staff who act on their own initiative

ARTICLE 9 – Intellectual property

The content of the website is the property of THE LAND CON and is protected by French and international laws relating to intellectual property.

Any total or partial reproduction of this content is strictly prohibited and is liable to constitute an offense of counterfeiting.

ARTICLE 10 – Force majeure

The Parties cannot be held responsible, nor break their commitment, if the non-performance or delay in the performance of any of their obligations, as described herein, results from a case of force majeure.

A case of force majeure is understood to mean any event beyond the control of the debtor, which could not be reasonably foreseen when the contract was concluded and the effects of which cannot be avoided by appropriate measures, which event prevents the performance of its obligation by the debtor. The ban on public reception decided by government authorities for a determined period for health reasons will also be considered as a case of force majeure.

If THE LAND CON is forced to postpone an event due to a case of force majeure, the event will be postponed to a later date and the tickets will be automatically postponed to the new date announced, without giving rise to a refund. If you cannot attend the convention by this date, you will be invited to contact us.

In the event that the event is canceled in its entirety, the tickets will be refunded.

ARTICLE 11 – Mediation

  1. 1. Prior complaint

In the event of a dispute, you must first contact our customer service by email thelandcon@gmail.com or by post (address: LAND CON BP 10001 57600 FORBACH FRANCE).

  1. 2. Request for mediation

If the complaint request to customer service fails or if there is no response from this service within two months, you can submit the dispute relating to your order or to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale to the mediator of the trade and industry federation, which will attempt, with complete independence and impartiality, to bring the parties together with a view to reaching an amicable solution.

To present your mediation request, you have a complaint form available on the mediator’s website.

The parties to the contract remain free to accept or refuse recourse to mediation as well as, in the event of recourse to mediation, to accept or reject the solution proposed by the mediator.

ARTICLE 12 – Disputes

In the absence of an amicable agreement, all disputes to which these general conditions of sale could give rise, concerning their validity, interpretation, execution, termination, consequences and consequences will be submitted to the competent courts under the legal conditions.

ARTICLE 13 – Pre-contractual information – Customer acceptance

You have been informed, prior to placing your order and concluding the contract, in a readable and understandable manner, of these General Conditions of Sale and of all the information and in particular the following information:

– the essential characteristics of the event;

– the price of passes and ancillary services;

– the date and place of the event;

– information relating to the identity of THE LAND CON, its postal, telephone and electronic contact details,

– the possibility of resorting to conventional mediation in the event of a dispute;

– the absence of the right of withdrawal, and other important contractual conditions;

– the privacy policy

– the accepted payment methods

The fact that a natural or legal person places an order on the website implies full and complete acceptance and acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale and obligation to pay for passes and additional products ordered, which you expressly acknowledge.