Most frequent questions and answers

General organization

Land Con is a french Association of law 1908

It’s an event taking place during one or several days where people get together around a theme (here a TV show) and they can share their passion around various activities, especially meeting with talents (actors, authors, artists in general), photo-ops and authographs, Q&A etc. To attend a convention, you have to buy a ticket beforehand, including various benefits.

You will find all the informations about the date, the place, the guests, the price of the tickets on this website. But we kindly ask our attendees to enter our Facebook group to have every single detail and hot news about the con. It is unecessary to ask questions about those details if they aren’t available yet.

We would like to remind you that our fair is at least a 2 days event. So to be sure to have all your authographs and photo-ops, make sure you will be here during the 2 days and not only one day or a part of the day. If you’re not here when a staff member call you for your authograph, photo-ops or private lounge, we can’t be held responsable

If you are under 18, you have to bring with you a parental authorization signed by your parents or your legal guardian as well as a copie of the ID of the person who signed the authorization.

You can accompagny a minor only if you have a parental authorization signed by one or both of their parents allowing you to be responsable of that person.


3 different Passes will be available on the the ticketing. Each pass includes various activities during the 2 days (authographs and/or photo-ops included etc). Please make sure to know the exact content of each pass before buying yours.

Each pass is personal. You cannot sell, offer, exchange or give your pass to someone else. If you cannot attend the event anymore you will not get a refund. No exception is made.

We do not refund any passes/tickets unless the whole convention is cancelled. Guests are under contract, they may cancel their appearance to the event due to professional obligations for example. If a guest cancels, the event won’t necessarily cancelled therefore there will not be any refund.

No. you have to have a pass to access the convention. A security team will check that everyone owns a pass/bracelet.

No. Passes are sold online only.

You will receive a confirmation email that you need to print and give at check­in to get your pass/bracelet.

No, every pass is personal and the owner must retreive it during registration.

Your pass corresponds to a seat number valid through the whole event, that number depends on the date of purchase. In order to sit next to one another, we advise you to buy your passes at the same time. However, we do not guarantee you that you will be seated together.

You can enter and exit the venue of the fair as many times as you like. However you have to show your badge and wristband at the security point each time you access the fair area.
Your presence is not required for all activities, but please note that autographs, photo-ops and private lounge will take place in the day and it is better ensure your presence at that time. If you exit the fair before the end we can not guarantee that you will have your photo printing in due time. It will then be sent by email in digital format.


Using the online ticketing : By credit card. A service fee will be charged for payment by credit card, following the ticketing terms and conditions.
Payments at the venue are by cash and credit card

You can pay your pass tickets in 2 to 3 times, depending on the pass.


There will be a check in at the venue on Friday and every morning of the convention before it starts. This check in will allow you to get your pass and your convention pack (autographs tickets/photo shoots /other activities…)

Please note that an ID (with photo) and proof of purchase (e­mail) will be necessary to get your pass/tickets…

You can go in and out of the venue as you wish as long as you can show your pass and bracelet given to you at check­in. Activities during the fair are not compulsory ; however, please note that if you’re missing when you’re called for photo shoots /autographs sessions, we cannot guarantee you that they will be done


No, your pass corresponds to a seat number valid through the whole event.

You may take pictures with a flash during the first 5 minutes of each conference only. (flash is forbidden after these 5 minutes).

Yes as long as they’re not offensive to the guest. We will explain how it works durint the con.


It is a photo taken by a professional photographer of you with the guest.

You will be called according to the number of your pass and your photo will be taken when it is your turn. If you miss your turn because you were not there when the staff announced the call we won’t take responsibility.

No, pass holders only can buy autographs/photo-ops​ and any other extras.

You will receive a confirmation email that you need to print and give at check­in to get your pass/bracelet.

No it is not definitive. The photo-ops for the extra guest are sold by wave in order to leave the chance to everyone to be able to buy the photo-ops. We will often make announcements about it on Facebook. So be sure to follow and  like our Facebook page.

It is up to the guest. You can still ask them, but please avoid resquests that may be embarrasing or disrespectful for the comfort of our guests.

Yes, but each one of you needs to have a photo shoots ticket.

It is an autograph signed by the guest in front of you during the signing session.

You will be called according to the number of your pass and when it is your turn, you will show up in front of the guest to get your autograph.

No, pictures/film of the guests are forbidden during autographs/photo-ops sessions.

We only sell official products: DVD, CD, magazines, books. Any images or photos from the internet or non­official products will be forbidden.

Yes, during autographs sessions, and it has to be approved by us beforehand.


It is an intimate and special time for 30 min with about 20 people. This is an opportunity to be the closest to your favorite actor/actress to ask questions in face to face.

No, pictures/films are forbidden during Private Lounge.