Tea times

Tea Times are a privileged moment where you can chat directly with the actor. These moments last 30 minutes and are very limited (10 persons). They will take place in the morning, at 9:00 a.m. They will not be translated.

You will be at a table with the actor of your choice and you will enjoy Scottish tea or coffee, with biscuits. You will also enjoy an Outlander collector’s cookie.

Attention : The Tea Times all take place at the same time. You will therefore not be able to participate in several Tea Times in one day.

Only Alex and Joey will make a Duo Tea Time on Sunday at 9:00 am.

Tea Times: Available on April 1st  at 8 p.m. Limited quantities. No translation.

new in

« One on One » is a-on-one with just you and the actor of your choice (a  french translator will be present if you wish). They last 5 minutes and will take place in a vintage setting. A souvenir photo will be taken at the end.

All our guests will do One on One’s, at the rate of 6 sessions per day (so yes, these extras arevery limited). Only Richard and Sophie will have 6 sessions on Saturday and 6 sessions on Suntay (so 12 tickets are on sale for them). They are all available on April 8th at 8.pm ( french time).

Special offer

Valentine’s Day is coming and it’s an opportunity to show you that you matter to us ! Exceptional flash sale starting February 13th at 7.pm to February 14th at 7.pm ( french time) :

Indeed for 24 hours :

  • Buy 2 regular photo-ops, get 1 free duo photo-op of your choice*
  • Buy 2 autographs, get 1 free regular photo-op of your choice*
  • Buy 1 Access Pass and 1 duo photo-op get 1 ACCESS Pass offered*

Offer limited in time or while stocks last. To claim your free extra or pass, send an email to contact.thelandcon@gmail.com once the purchases have been made. Send the PDF proof of and specify the offered extra chosen.

(Except Graham-selfies are not included)*

new in

It’s selfie time ! You’ll be able to take a selfie with the guest of your choice, directly with your own phone, in a dedicated and private room at the event center.

You will enjoy an official Outlander background to immortalize this moment.

Follow us

All infos, sales, ticketing links and hot news will be posted on our Facebook Group. This is the best way to make sure all attendees are kept aware of everything regarding the con. You HAVE to enter the group or you will be missing every single info.

 You don’t want to miss a sale right ? So join us now !



No stress service tickets will be available on friday August 12th 2022 at 9.pm, French time. 

What is it ?
The “No stress service” will grant you access to a presale before the opening of the official ticketing as well as all the scheduled sales, and this service will be usable on all the online sales during 1 year.

How much does it cost ?
This service which will be priced at 59€ will of course be very limited.

What can I buy with it ?

Within the limit of available stocks. Please note that we cannot guarantee to the beholders the acquisition of all extras, especially the very limited ones. For example: Private Lounge, Breakfast/Tea Time, Mingle with.
So the service can be used for the following items :
– Pass
– Solo photo-op
– Solo autograph
– Duo, Trio and Quartet photo-op
The No Stress Service is personal and cannot be used to buy an extra or pass for a friend or family member.
When can I purchase this service ?
On August 12th 2022 at 9.pm french time. The link to the ticketing will be posted on our Facebook Group. Make sure to follow it and activate notidications.
Now that Im a No stress service holder, how can I enter the presales ?
A link to enter the entry tickets presale for The Land Con 5 will be directly sent to you via email on August 20th at 8.pm. Make sure to check your spams. This ticketing should not be shared with any other person. It is stricly personal and for your own use only.
The very same ticketing wil be used to make your personal purchases. Just don’t forget to check our Facebook group to know the planning of presales.


The convention will take place in paris, on April 29 and 30th 2023

Ticketing :
Opens on September 21, 2022

Presales :
Presales are only available to No stress service holders

How to get the No stress service Presale of entry tickets  ?
No stress service holders can buy their entry tickets before everyone else. On August 20th at 8.pm french time.